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Adding to the blogosphere.....
03/30/10 @ 02:59:56 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 33 words   English (US)

I am in the final stages of getting the new blog online, it should be finished today. Change your bookmarks to the new address please!

Rooster’s Ramblings - the new and improved version.

So easy a caveman can do it.......
03/23/10 @ 09:48:26 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 68 words   English (US)

Thats right. Cavemen are catching steelhead. Any questions???

Some normal looking, post cro-magnon man era folks are catching steelhead as well. Sometimes lots of them! Just ask Joe Coakley, master of the ninja hookset….

Fishing remains steady here on the coast, with water levels at optimum flows, the next few days should produce some exiciting action!

Thanks for reading, more later -
Keep casting,

Getting paid for what I would do for free....
03/19/10 @ 06:34:41 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 41 words   English (US)

55 degrees and steelheading like the old days. Thanks for a great day on the water Bill and Brad - the switch rod masters.

The next two weeks are going to be good fishing in these parts!

The reel report. Live from Forks
03/12/10 @ 08:50:20 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 13 words   English (US)

There it is. Questions? We have answers. And more whiskey.

Rain Forests and Steelhead
03/11/10 @ 02:34:44 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 266 words   English (US)

Life in Forks this season is great. We are seeing better than average numbers of fish to the fly each day, and getting on some different water than in years past. With the lower flows of the last couple weeks, we have been spending time all over the Hoh River, especially on the lower end down towards tide water. Let me tell you there is nothing that compares to a steelhead fresh from the salt water. These fish are snappy and very angry when hooked. Along with the Hoh, we have spent a few days on the Queets in the last week - which is a great river to escape the crowds on. Being the first year we are permitted by the ONP on the Queets - we will be back down south as soon as the flows drop into shape!
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 inches of rain fell on our heads as we slept last night, making for a nasty rise in all of our river flows. Luckily, I had a scheduled office day today to take care of some administration, napping, and gear work!

Want to hear it straight up from Rooster?? New for the Stonefly in the upcoming months will be streamside fishing reports from Washington, Alaska, and of course Montana. Hope you enjoy them - have a look at version one below!

As soon as the rivers start to drop in - we will be seeing a few more of these rascals - you can count on it!

Thanks for reading - see you next time.

Down to the worm in the bottle....
02/25/10 @ 11:10:20 am, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 338 words   English (US)

Once again I cant believe we went to Mexico for only one week. Its just not enough time to really get into the swing of things….
The week started out with everyone having multiple shots at Permit - some hooked up, some broke off, some refusals, some landed! What a great start. Everyone found a few bones, some snook and baby tarpon early in the week. Personally I thought I was coming out of the gate strong with a nice permit at noon on the first day. Well - it didnt take long and I was cussing my cast and the fish for not cooperating with me the rest of the week!

As the week pregressed, the weather had us pinned down a couple days, with wind and cloud cover making the fish a bit tough to spot. We nickel and dimed them though and everyone would meet for drinks that evening with sometimes hysterical reports of blown attempts, broken off fish, and of course a few landed fish. For the right fish - you get to uphold the tradition of your first permit and eat the tequila soaked scorpion - wich everyone got to try at least once!

As the weather mellowed and the wind shifted to the south, things picked up considerably, with a couple grand slams being a couple of the highlights. Great job Tyler!

As with any world class fishery, words cant describe it, and photos seldomly get the point across…. here are copule of the highlights.

Like I siad earlier, you just seem to get that hookset down about noon on the last day.
Luckily for Dayna, that was when it really mattered!

What a great trip, with great friends - both new and old. Next season we have the lodge booked for 4 weeks, and its not to early to throw your name in the hat for the last two weeks of February!

Thanks for reading - stay tuned for some photos from the Washington coast and some chrome steelhead.
Pura Vida,

Sweet Video
02/03/10 @ 08:40:50 am, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 91 words   English (US)

Check out this video on youtube of my buddy Jack Mitchell’s wife Jen - she has really learned her way around a spey rod in the last couple years!
Spey fishin’ the Klickitat

More of Jacks stuff here on his website at

Dayna and I are heading to Mexico friday morning to chase Permit - and then on to the coast when we get back for the steelhead run. Stay tuned for some more great photos and video when we return!

Thanks for reading,
Montana’s Best Fly Fishing

Time to head east.....
01/12/10 @ 11:18:17 am, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 260 words   English (US)

Today marks the close of hunting season for me. After a couple months of chasing everything with hooves and wings it is fun to look back and reflect on the season. Those that know me surely are aware of my affliction with Labradors, and chasing birds with them. It just so happens that the most enjoyable waterfowl hunt of the season was also our last. A good cold snap made the birds anxious to feed in the various grainfields around Twin Bridges, and eager to decoy. We took our great friend Brian Grossenbacher along the other day to photograph the hunt. The following series gives you an idea of how things went…. you can see more of Brians work on his website at

Calling the shot - That black blur on the left is Salty heading for the retrieve(s)…..

Birds in the decoys - some of them didnt make it out!

Yours truly helping Salty with a retrieve - tossing another honker in the pile.

And you ask, “What do you do with all those geese?”

Marinated, Bacon wrapped goose breast around a grilled pepper…. served with a little red wine on a chilly Montana winter night. Hard to beat.

And now its Show Season. Marlboro, MA this weekend, Charlotte, NC at the end of the month. A quick trip to Mexico after that and we move out to the coast for Steelhead season. Before you know it we will be throwing caddis at sippers on the Big Hole!

Got your dates yet?

Thanks for reading,

Tired Dogs
12/17/09 @ 01:05:11 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 393 words   English (US)

Boy Montana is a big state. Dayna and I left Twin Bridges the other night in sub-zero temps and drove about 8 hours to the Northeast - just in time for the cold front to break in Twin Bridges. It took an extra day for the milder temps to hit the wheatfields of the plains, so our first day was pretty tough on the dogs. We only hunted them for about an hour, in 20 knot winds and sub zero temps. Needless to say, I think we all preferred the warmth of the pickup over hiking in that wind!
The second day however the wind and weather let up and our morning temps were a welcome 36 degrees! A few phone calls and some door knocking later we were up to our ears in wild pheasants! In twenty something years of chasing pheasants over labradors, yesterday was the finest day I have seen yet. Soft snow, good scent conditions for the dogs, and unpressured birds (it has been too cold to hunt for a couple weeks out there) made for some unbelievable dog work. Multiple pointed birds, (yes some labs point), and lots of good chases kept the action as good as it gets for the entire morning. With limits of birs in our vests, the 2 mile hike back to the truck was as much fun as the hunt. Just watching the dogs work bird after bird certainly made me proud.
The real highlight of the hunt was watching Dayna shoot her limit - keep in mind that being a Nurse Practitioner and a mother doesn’t allow her the trigger time to get really quick with the shotgun. We were down to “low munition status” (just about out of shells) and she cleaned up on two nice roosters to finish the day.
I cant wait to go back!

Here is a shot of a common sight yesterday…

Dayna sneaking in on a point….

And of course a shot of Dayna and the herd - Salty, Tuna and Willie with the days limit -

It’s always nice to smell the roses in this state. In fact it’s time to do a little more of it - the phone just rang while I was typing and I guess I need to go load the trailer up with the goose hunting gear for the morning!

Thanks for reading,

Working Dogs
12/14/09 @ 01:27:00 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 399 words   English (US)

It is that time of year again. The time of year when daily rations of dogfood are well earned by bird dogs everywhere. In our case, that kennel full of Labs that can so convincingly make you believe you should give them your leftover steak on a hot summer night, yes those dogs. Salty, Tuna, Cleatis and Willy. Those dogs now are on a daily regimen of high protein dog food (and some bacon grease) and chasing birds. All kinds of birds. It’s not often I hunt them more than two at a time - and usually its just one at a time. Often times its hard to decide who gets pulled off their dogbed at 5 a.m. and who gets to sleep in. I generally let them decide for me, and with this cold weather I never hunt the old girls more than one day at a time. In fact, I may even stack the deck a little when the old dogs come along - warmer days, lots of birds, short hunts….. I can tell by the look in their eyes they know the deal. Here are a couple examples.

Salty, my steelhead fishin’, goose huntin’, and professional foot warmer on the couch dog gets in on a little greenhead action - with a little jewelry thrown in. We were done picking up an hour after sun-up. That is her kind of hunt!

Another ego booster for Tuna, who is normally my go-to pheasant dog. Two quick limits of greenheads in a nice warm spring creek - no ice there.

Dayna and I are heading out to Eastern Montana tonight for a little pheasant/sharptail hunting with the whole pack. No breaks here though - it’s 10 below out there now. Mr. Weatherman is calling for a little warming trend in the next couple days - so with any luck this cabin fever will be way behind us, and our biggest problem will be heavy bird vests and a long hike to the truck!
Worst case scenario is this: A couple cheap hotel rooms, some good steaks and better whiskey at the local tavern, a few hikes through the wheat fields and some tired dogs.
What more could a guy ask for?

Thanks for reading - if its not too cold out there I will get a few action photos and put em up here when we return.



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