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See you soon are you JMAc bringing the guitar???
posted by: Rooster [Member] · PermalinkPermalink on 03/24/10 @ 21:49
posted by: joey [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 03/24/10 @ 07:48
Jimmy Jeff,

Do you think it would be possible if you timed it just right ( and had some of those old-time log rollin' shoes), could you run across their backs from one side of the Ho to the other with out getting wet?

Your pal Cliff
posted by: Cliff [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 03/17/10 @ 10:47
I hope that she can save that leg.
posted by: joey [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 03/16/10 @ 10:16
In response to: Rain Forests and Steelhead
nice post, Keep it up. I want to see more of your articles when I have time. Thanks for sharing this.....
posted by: Yamaha Credit [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 03/11/10 @ 20:59
In response to: Time to head east.....
Hey Rooster, great bird hunting posts! Love to see the labs doing their thing,

My dad looked for you at the Sacramento sportsman show, but looks like you weren't there. Hoping to get back to the StoneFly this fall, my old man had a hell of time out there. In the mean time, I've got a ticket booked for the South Island, NZ this March!

posted by: Jason McCandless [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 01/27/10 @ 13:28
In response to: Time to head east.....
Sounds like it was an awesome time! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous.
posted by: Chris Pine [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 01/25/10 @ 15:19
Good post and some stunning pictures. Obviously used a decent camera.
posted by: Dan [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 12/21/09 @ 13:19
In response to: Recovery time....
Dylan - I am expecting big things from that chunk of ground you are hunting! Do you have to pay at the park entrance???????

Thanks Buddy - see you next month.

posted by: Rooster [Member] · PermalinkPermalink on 12/21/09 @ 10:55
In response to: Recovery time....
Hey everyone!I am still in pursuit of old mossback-think Ive been hunting around 90 days now-have 8 days left to get her done.What a unique buck that is Rooster!I wanted to thank you all again for such a special trip this fall.I think about you guys often and check this website constantly to see what wild and crazy adventures youre up to.Happy Holidays! your friend,Dylan
posted by: Dylan Roberts [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 12/21/09 @ 10:30
In response to: Start 'em young
Rooster. I love the photo, and I registered and voted for you. Keep doing what you guys do best, making people happy doing something they (and you and your team) love. I can't tell you how much fun I have had telling my daughter and son "fishing" stories about our trip this past August. They both want me to come back and chase the Wiley Brown and Bedazzeled Rainbows, along with Earl the Easy Trout, but only if I let them come someday. Thank you for my trip of a life time, that I hope to repeat again, and again, and ... (think energizer bunny).
posted by: Jay Terry [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 09/05/09 @ 02:31
In response to: Lots of laughs.....
The Stonefly Inn is the #1 legendary choice these days for guided fishing in Twin Bridges, Montana. No doubt about it! The hospitality is top notch, and they bend over backwards to make you happy. The meals in the all inclusive packages are to die for too!
posted by: Frank McChord [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 08/15/09 @ 00:05
In response to: Lots of laughs.....
Thanks for the email Mike, good having you around!
posted by: Rooster [Member] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/05/09 @ 22:30
In response to: Lots of laughs.....
nice pics rooster. it was nice meeting you this past weekend. i was one of the shmucks fishing with joe.
posted by: mike doughty [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 08/05/09 @ 22:26
In response to: Changing tactics....
Seeing all those trout stacked up in that cold spring creek makes me heart sing. Sounds like they flipped you the ole middle fin with 10 hookups and no fish to hand. I guess that is what keeps us coming back. I am looking forward to standing there in 3 weeks.
posted by: Tom C [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 07/25/09 @ 22:01
In response to: where did june go???
Rooster: thanks for thinking of us...we had a blast also. HLF>
posted by: Harry Fullwood [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 07/16/09 @ 16:49
He is sad. He just got hooked in the face and ripped out of the water. You should try that sometime.
posted by: Rooster [Member] · PermalinkPermalink on 07/16/09 @ 16:08
I think that trout looks sad.
posted by: Jim Kerr [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 07/16/09 @ 15:30
Your website is first class and the guys in our group are constantly sending your photos and comments around getting everyone excited about our upcoming trip to the Stonefly Inn. We are all pumped and ready to get going. We'll see you on the 26th.
posted by: Paul Bakstran [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 07/16/09 @ 05:54
In response to: Sweet Home Montana
Good man there! Ya got any good guitar photos? Folks might wanna see what they're missin in the Roost after hours.
posted by: JB Klyap [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 07/11/09 @ 11:38
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