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Time to head east.....
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Today marks the close of hunting season for me. After a couple months of chasing everything with hooves and wings it is fun to look back and reflect on the season. Those that know me surely are aware of my affliction with Labradors, and chasing birds with them. It just so happens that the most enjoyable waterfowl hunt of the season was also our last. A good cold snap made the birds anxious to feed in the various grainfields around Twin Bridges, and eager to decoy. We took our great friend Brian Grossenbacher along the other day to photograph the hunt. The following series gives you an idea of how things went…. you can see more of Brians work on his website at

Calling the shot - That black blur on the left is Salty heading for the retrieve(s)…..

Birds in the decoys - some of them didnt make it out!

Yours truly helping Salty with a retrieve - tossing another honker in the pile.

And you ask, “What do you do with all those geese?”

Marinated, Bacon wrapped goose breast around a grilled pepper…. served with a little red wine on a chilly Montana winter night. Hard to beat.

And now its Show Season. Marlboro, MA this weekend, Charlotte, NC at the end of the month. A quick trip to Mexico after that and we move out to the coast for Steelhead season. Before you know it we will be throwing caddis at sippers on the Big Hole!

Got your dates yet?

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2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles