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Rain Forests and Steelhead
03/11/10 @ 02:34:44 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 266 words   English (US)

Life in Forks this season is great. We are seeing better than average numbers of fish to the fly each day, and getting on some different water than in years past. With the lower flows of the last couple weeks, we have been spending time all over the Hoh River, especially on the lower end down towards tide water. Let me tell you there is nothing that compares to a steelhead fresh from the salt water. These fish are snappy and very angry when hooked. Along with the Hoh, we have spent a few days on the Queets in the last week - which is a great river to escape the crowds on. Being the first year we are permitted by the ONP on the Queets - we will be back down south as soon as the flows drop into shape!
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 inches of rain fell on our heads as we slept last night, making for a nasty rise in all of our river flows. Luckily, I had a scheduled office day today to take care of some administration, napping, and gear work!

Want to hear it straight up from Rooster?? New for the Stonefly in the upcoming months will be streamside fishing reports from Washington, Alaska, and of course Montana. Hope you enjoy them - have a look at version one below!

As soon as the rivers start to drop in - we will be seeing a few more of these rascals - you can count on it!

Thanks for reading - see you next time.


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