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Tired Dogs
12/17/09 @ 01:05:11 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 393 words   English (US)

Boy Montana is a big state. Dayna and I left Twin Bridges the other night in sub-zero temps and drove about 8 hours to the Northeast - just in time for the cold front to break in Twin Bridges. It took an extra day for the milder temps to hit the wheatfields of the plains, so our first day was pretty tough on the dogs. We only hunted them for about an hour, in 20 knot winds and sub zero temps. Needless to say, I think we all preferred the warmth of the pickup over hiking in that wind!
The second day however the wind and weather let up and our morning temps were a welcome 36 degrees! A few phone calls and some door knocking later we were up to our ears in wild pheasants! In twenty something years of chasing pheasants over labradors, yesterday was the finest day I have seen yet. Soft snow, good scent conditions for the dogs, and unpressured birds (it has been too cold to hunt for a couple weeks out there) made for some unbelievable dog work. Multiple pointed birds, (yes some labs point), and lots of good chases kept the action as good as it gets for the entire morning. With limits of birs in our vests, the 2 mile hike back to the truck was as much fun as the hunt. Just watching the dogs work bird after bird certainly made me proud.
The real highlight of the hunt was watching Dayna shoot her limit - keep in mind that being a Nurse Practitioner and a mother doesn’t allow her the trigger time to get really quick with the shotgun. We were down to “low munition status” (just about out of shells) and she cleaned up on two nice roosters to finish the day.
I cant wait to go back!

Here is a shot of a common sight yesterday…

Dayna sneaking in on a point….

And of course a shot of Dayna and the herd - Salty, Tuna and Willie with the days limit -

It’s always nice to smell the roses in this state. In fact it’s time to do a little more of it - the phone just rang while I was typing and I guess I need to go load the trailer up with the goose hunting gear for the morning!

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