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Crawlers for sale.....
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A few times a summer guests ask me how long I have been in this business. My answer usually varies from 15 to 20 years (counting Alaska, Washington, Panama and Montana) - but I just found out I have been mistaken.
If you check out this photo, from circa 1980 in Winchendon, MA - you will see that I actually have been in the outfitting business for quite some time. Maybe it was the whiskey, but apparently I had forgotten about my first venture in the outfitting business - selling nightcrawlers. Thanks for the photo sister Sue.

Most of our guests this summer got to know our latest addition - Willy the chocolate lab. I am pleased to annouce that he is well on his way to becoming more than a potlicking couch potato. He went on his first waterfowl hunt last weekend, and passed with flying colors, retrieving a big old goose for his first retrieve. He sat still in the blind, and for the most part payed pretty close attention.

As for the fall fishing - there have been a few big fish to hand lately - one of the nicer ones that I have netted came from the Big Hole River last week with Kent and Joel. After this cold snap I expect to see a few more of these!

What a great time of year. Pheasant hunting this afternoon with my dogs, Brown trout on the Big Hole in the morning, and checking tree stands for the Whitetail season - there is NO shortage of things to do around here. However - no, I haven’t “got my elk yet". (one of the more common greetings heard on the main street of Twin Bridges in the fall…..)

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