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Working Dogs
12/14/09 @ 01:27:00 pm, Categories: 2009 - Twin Bridges Fly Fishing Chronicles, 399 words   English (US)

It is that time of year again. The time of year when daily rations of dogfood are well earned by bird dogs everywhere. In our case, that kennel full of Labs that can so convincingly make you believe you should give them your leftover steak on a hot summer night, yes those dogs. Salty, Tuna, Cleatis and Willy. Those dogs now are on a daily regimen of high protein dog food (and some bacon grease) and chasing birds. All kinds of birds. It’s not often I hunt them more than two at a time - and usually its just one at a time. Often times its hard to decide who gets pulled off their dogbed at 5 a.m. and who gets to sleep in. I generally let them decide for me, and with this cold weather I never hunt the old girls more than one day at a time. In fact, I may even stack the deck a little when the old dogs come along - warmer days, lots of birds, short hunts….. I can tell by the look in their eyes they know the deal. Here are a couple examples.

Salty, my steelhead fishin’, goose huntin’, and professional foot warmer on the couch dog gets in on a little greenhead action - with a little jewelry thrown in. We were done picking up an hour after sun-up. That is her kind of hunt!

Another ego booster for Tuna, who is normally my go-to pheasant dog. Two quick limits of greenheads in a nice warm spring creek - no ice there.

Dayna and I are heading out to Eastern Montana tonight for a little pheasant/sharptail hunting with the whole pack. No breaks here though - it’s 10 below out there now. Mr. Weatherman is calling for a little warming trend in the next couple days - so with any luck this cabin fever will be way behind us, and our biggest problem will be heavy bird vests and a long hike to the truck!
Worst case scenario is this: A couple cheap hotel rooms, some good steaks and better whiskey at the local tavern, a few hikes through the wheat fields and some tired dogs.
What more could a guy ask for?

Thanks for reading - if its not too cold out there I will get a few action photos and put em up here when we return.



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